Integrated Library System Description

Evergreen is an open source Integrated Library System, which includes an open catalog, which represents collections of the university and specialized libraries.

Within the framework of the Evergreen project, the integrated library system (ILS) is being developed, which is already used by more than 1,000 libraries worldwide (US, Canada, Georgia, Holland, Czech Republic, Mexico, India, Australia and others). At this stage, the Evergreen integrated library system is the only national scale web-portal that unites leading Georgian universities and research centers.

Any user is able to:

  • Find an interesting book in integrated/interinstitutional library catalogs, as well as in university, faculty or specialized library integrated catalogs;
  • Receive information on book status, location and numbers.
  • View brief bibliographical record, MARC 21 complete record.

Integrated Libraries by 2013

At this stage, bibliographic records can be exchanged in the cataloging module using Z39.50 protocol, with the following international libraries:

- The British Library (UK) contains all British and Irish editions. The collection includes well over 150 million items, in many languages.

- Canada's national union catalog contains up to 30 million records from 1 500 Canadian libraries.

- the world's largest biomedical library and the producer of digital information services used by billions of scientists, researchers and health professionals.

(Canada) catalog contains more than 12 million print volumes in 128 languages and bibliographic records of 238 000 serial editions.

- (Canada) has a network of 4 million physical and 300 000 electronic units on various disciplines.

(Canada) - York University library network contains millions of publications and electronic resources.

unites West Canadian research libraries, comprising 11 million units.

(Canada) contains bibliographic records of over 2 million printed books.

(Canada) consists of 14 university libraries.

(Canada) cover up to 20 libraries on medicine, management engineering and other fields.

(US) holds more than 8.5 million print volumes and digital resources.

is the largest university library system in the United Kingdom.

(UCLA) Library includes libraries with diverse collections on art, biomedicine, public policy, oriental languages, law, music etc.

contains research libraries and diverse digital and archive collections in up to 80 fields (anthropology, architecture, theology, sociology, philosophy, physics, art, music, etc.) It is also interesting that there is a Kartvelological Research Center and a Georgian Book Fund in the library.

is a university library, which includes special libraries, Special Collections Centre and King's Museum, situated in Aberdeen's oldest campus.

offers diverse resources and services: archival, audiovisual, conference and research materials, technical reports, virtual reference publications, data on international standards.

includes about 30 special collections: Cultural Policy, Art, Statistical services, Digital Collections (digital maps, geospatial information), European Union Documents, Manuscripts Division, Population Survey, Public Policy Papers, Near East Collections, Social Science, etc.

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