For International Ƶ - Why Ƶ?

For International Ƶ - Why Ƶ?


Since 2005, the Ƶ (Ƶ) serves to establish international standards of education, develop competitive professionals and successful individuals.

Ƶ's team consists of highly qualified Georgian and foreign specialists. Experienced create a friendly atmosphere for students. Professors of Ƶ belong to the small number of Georgian scientists whose scientific articles are published by international peer-reviewed impact-factor journals. Among Ƶ's foreign professors are scientists of the leading universities in the United States and Europe. Along with the lecturers, the students are also conducting research in Ƶ's research centers.

The core values of Ƶ’s academic philosophy are small classes and ideology-free environment. “Student-per-Teacher Ratio” is 8, establishing a high standard in the region and exceeding European university quality indicators.

There is an in Ƶ, which guarantees full protection of students' rights and freedoms.

Ƶ's location, modem , green park and large parking areas make a comfortable environment for university life. Ƶ continuously improves and modernizes its facilities and equipment.

Ƶ is distinguished with innovations,  such as QUANTS (Quantitative Finance), the first legal clinic in Georgia, the ultra-­modern IT laboratory- , professional English language programs; and .

The employment rate of Ƶ students and increases annually. Ƶ has a Career Center that constantly provides students with information about internship programs and vacancies in the market, and manages trainings and employment forums together with partner organizations. Ƶ offers flexible schedules for the 3'd and 4th-year students. In addition to this, students are given the possibility of internships and employment in different structures at Ƶ.

Ƶ offers to the students' with different universities around the world. The number of  European and US leading universities, as well as the number of international organizations with which Ƶ cooperates, continuously increase. As a result, students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs, obtain a scholarship and share not only the experience of international education and global competitiveness but also diverse cultural and social relationships.

Ƶ students plan and implement educational, sports, entertainment and charitable projects. Considering the interests of the students, Ƶ chooses speakers for public lectures and the guests of the university are opinion leaders of different spheres, experts and people which are interesting for the youth. The are integral parts of diverse .

In terms of social responsibility, Ƶ cares for vulnerable groups by providing them with legal, material-logistical support and provides volunteering activities for the students.

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