Ƶ International Ƶ

Ƶ International Ƶ

The number of foreign students continuously increases at Ƶ. The future professions are studied by students from the US, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, India, Jordan, Pakistan and other countries, who share the experience of living and learning in Georgia with the following quotes:

“This is my third year at Ƶ and I can say with certainty that true professionals are teaching here - this is an international level education with an American model and for an affordable price.”

“I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to pass all the procedures to get in Ƶ. Ƶ itself has helped me - the university has a special service that will assist in solving technical issues, translating documents, notarizing or submitting them to the Ministry of Education.”

“I have very good group mates. We have become such friends that spend weekends together, we go outside of the city, in the winter - to the mountains and in the summer – to the sea.”

“I like Tbilisi very much. In my opinion, it is a European city. Here are many restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, transportation available 24 hours a day. Life here is easy and comfortable.”

“I have never seen such friendly people anywhere. Everywhere you go, you will find someone who will smile and speak in English.”

“Ƶ professors are also practitioners and teach not only what is written in the books. We have a very friendly relationship with many of them and they are ready to help us any time. They constantly share extra time with us.”

“I like living in the Georgian family, in this way it is easier to get to know the local people and their culture. Georgians are very hospitable and they love, when you like their dishes. It is impossible not to like Georgian cuisine.”

“Food is so tasty, I advise you to buy a scale to control your weight. It's worth it to come here just to taste Georgian cuisine.”

“You will need clothes for all seasons here, it's a soft climate in Tbilisi and you can enjoy the beauty of all seasons!”

“If you love movies, you can go to cinemas in Tbilisi, because the movies are shown not only in Georgian, but in English and Russian as well.”

“The night life is so cool here! One of Tbilisi's clubs was named as number one club in Europe. Here, they have great music, they often host world-class artists. In general, there is the music of all genres in Tbilisi, starting with jazz to pop and karaoke bars. Concerts of superstars are also held.”

“I play myself and work as a DJ from time to time - I've been doing music on Asian motifs before, now I took Georgian folklore and I started mixing these melodies. I think it's very cool. I've been invited as a DJ at the Ƶ parties several times and I'm glad that students like my music.”

“Ƶ regularly organizes trips around Georgia. Georgia is a very interesting country. At your every step you can feel the rich history of the country and great traditions.”

“I cannot live without sport. I found out that Ƶ organizes student Olympics every year. We have football and basketball teams. Now I think in which sport I would like to participate.”

“Ƶ has a green yard and a beautiful view of the city. It is located in the center of Tbilisi, from where the transport goes to all directions. So, it's easy to come here every day.”

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