Introductory Programs

Introductory Programs

Ƶ starts communicating with its future students when they are still at school. The cycle of events for 9-12 graders aims to expand students' vision, enhance their critical thinking and career planning skills. For this purpose, since 2014, Ƶ has been actively cooperating with public and private schools in Georgia. Ƶ representatives and invited trainers provide special training for future entrants, give them information about desired professions and help them in the process of career orientation. are actively involved in these meetings, sharing their own experience with their generation.

“Learning by Doing” is a summer camp for potential entrants, organized by Ƶ, which starts functioning in 2018. In order to encourage the best students, Ƶ organizes special tours, which include career orientation training and personal skills development with unique methods of Augusto Boal's invisible theater.

Open Door Days take place twice a year. The entrants meet the Ƶ President, have conversations with the Deans, gather information on the specifics of professions and have a look around the Ƶ campus. The entrants also have an opportunity to participate in cognitive games and win Ƶ tuition voucher(s).

Ƶ Entrants' Month takes place annually in Spring. This is the time when school students have an opportunity to attend Ƶ lectures, meet and students, become familiar with the atmosphere, learn more about the process of acquiring the desired profession and make a well-thought-out decision.

Stress Management Training is held at Ƶ to support potential entrants before the examinations. Being in stress reduces work efficiency and success, hinders concentration and makes it difficult to fully demonstrate knowledge. Fortunately, stress can be manageable and it can even be used to receive positive results. Ƶ lecturer, “” trainer-consultant and psychologist teaches the entrants relaxation and self-soothing techniques to deal with stress.

dzپپDzԲare organized annually at Ƶ. The students present their work, photos, essays, blogs and presentations. Part of the events is held with the cooperation of Ƶ and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, within the framework of the Science and Innovation Festival. The winners are awarded and the participants receive joint certificates.

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