Student Exchange Programs

Partnership with universities in foreign countries is an important direction of Ƶ activities. The number of leading and that Ƶ establishes business relationships with has been increasing year after year. Therefore, Ƶ students have more possibilities to get involved in exchange programs that combine with international education and the experience of cultural diversity.

First of all, Ƶ cooperates with the universities of those countries that already have or will soon have economic, cultural and other types of relationships with Georgia. This helps the employment of Ƶ students inside the country as well as outside its borders.

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programs, the number of European partner universities of Ƶ continually increases. Ƶ has exchange programs with various Turkish universities, where Ƶ students obtain scholarships within the framework of the Mevlana program. In addition to European universities, Ƶ students have possibilities to use exchange programs with the leading USA universities.

Because of its unique Georgian American foundation, Ƶ effectively uses the concept of globalization, which stipulates the modern education without borders. With its “bipolar possibilities”, Ƶ gives its students the possibility to better understand different cultures, educational and intellectual areas. Thus, Ƶ provides the opportunity for its students to become such professionals and citizens, that are ready for global competition and are also harmonic members of the diverse modern society.

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